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Who am I?

Welcome to the world of book cover design excellence, where storytelling meets visual artistry. I'm Lily, your dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. With a passion for bringing authors' visions to life, I've had the privilege of crafting 3000+ book covers across diverse genres.

Each cover I design is more than just a visual – it's a concept-based masterpiece, meticulously tailored to suit the essence of your narrative. Whether you're delving into romance, mystery, fantasy, or beyond, my designs are crafted to stand out on all major platforms, including Amazon Kindle (KDP), Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu, and more.

But it's not just about creating visually stunning covers – I understand the importance of aligning design with marketing strategy. That's why each cover is meticulously crafted with the end reader in mind, aiming not just to catch the eye but to entice and engage, ultimately driving sales and sparking curiosity.

When you choose to work with me, you're not just getting a designer – you're getting a partner dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. From our initial concept discussions to the final delivery, I'm committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering a cover that encapsulates the heart and soul of your book.

Join countless satisfied authors who have entrusted their covers to my expertise and experience. Elevate your publishing journey with a book cover that speaks volumes, courtesy of Lily, your trusted partner in design excellence.

My Story

I am the artist who breathes life into colors, using them to visually narrate compelling stories. Art isn't just a vocation or pastime for me; it's as vital as breathing and runs as deeply as the blood in my veins. For over a decade, I've honed my craft in graphic design, channeling my skills to manifest the visions of my clients into tangible realities. Whether it's crafting immersive book covers, designing captivating flyers, or fashioning evocative display art, I am constantly fueled by the prospect of embarking on fresh journeys of creative exploration.


In every stroke of my brush and pixel on my screen, I strive to encapsulate three fundamental elements:

Inspirational: Throughout the creative process, I aim to inspire both myself and my clients. Each piece is crafted with the intention of inciting curiosity, sparking meaningful dialogue, and igniting the fires of imagination.

Uniqueness: I endeavor to infuse my art with a distinctiveness that is uniquely mine, establishing a signature style that distinguishes my work from the rest. I want my creations to be perceived as novel and groundbreaking, serving as a source of inspiration for others to explore new artistic horizons.

Beauty: Above all, I seek to infuse beauty into every aspect of my art. Whether it's through the dynamic interplay of colors, the fluidity of movement, or the evocative power of storytelling, I aim to evoke emotions, complement environments, and command attention as a standalone masterpiece.


Specializing in photo and graphics manipulation, I excel at translating ideas into visually arresting designs that captivate and enchant. Through the skillful fusion of multiple imagery sources and a sprinkle of magic, I craft original compositions that resonate deeply with viewers and leave an indelible mark.

So, whether you're seeking a striking book cover that demands attention, promotional materials that leave a lasting impression, or display art that transforms spaces, I am here to turn your ideas into vibrant realities. Let's collaborate and embark on a journey of artistic discovery, where every creation tells a story waiting to be told.

The woman behind the art: a story of passion, creativity, and love.

I am born and raised in the vibrant city of Sofia, Bulgaria, surrounded by rich history and culture. In 2018, I embarked on a new chapter of my life and journeyed to the shores of the United Kingdom, where fate had a delightful surprise in store for me – I met the most wonderful man, Georgi. Fast forward to 2021, and Georgi and I joyfully exchanged vows, marking the beginning of our journey as husband and wife.

Together, Georgi and I reside in the UK, where we share our home with two furry companions who bring endless joy and laughter into our lives – our beloved cats, Primark and Emma. They are not just pets; they are cherished members of our family and my loyal partners in art. Often found by my side as I work at my computer, they provide unwavering support and occasional critiques, ensuring that every stroke of the brush and every pixel on the canvas meets their discerning standards.

Outside of my artistic pursuits, I find solace and inspiration in the simple pleasures of life. I am an avid reader, with a penchant for immersing myself in captivating stories that transport me to faraway lands and ignite my imagination. I am also a keen photographer, finding beauty in the world around me and capturing fleeting moments to treasure forever. And when I'm not lost in the world of art and literature, you can often find me at the gym, where I channel my energy into staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In every aspect of my life, whether it's creating art, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing personal interests, I strive to find beauty, joy, and meaning in the everyday moments. Life is a canvas waiting to be painted with love, laughter, and endless possibilities, and I am grateful for every brushstroke and every chapter that enriches my journey.

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